You'd think you know her, but you actually don't. Her face is very misleading to her personality. She's very pretty, especially when she smiles. She's very good at sensing vibes and many would call her unique or weird. She likes art and hates mainstream. She is either really lazy or really motivated. She can be really spontaneous but she is very down to earth. You wouldn't want her on your bad side however. And if you're on her good side (which is easy to do), then luck you! She is a giver. She always has cold hands, but her touches are always warm. She believes in experience. She never ever judges but fears of being judged. She enjoys time of serenity as well as times when she can just go full out. She is constantly questioning decisons and is always searching for the real her. She has long hair, ususally dark or black, but with random browns in it. Her eyes are like dark chocolate, and they get very small when she laughs. She has a soothing, low voice. She lacks confidence. She's attracted to shy guys, but get along very very well with outgoing guys.

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