APIDA is an abbreviation that stands for Asian Pacific Islander Desi American.  The term is meant to refer to US citizens and residents who identify as Asian, Pacific Islander, or Desi (or who have an identity that includes one of these heritages). Desi is sometimes used as an identifying term for a person who is of South Asian descent or who traces their heritage to the Indian subcontinent. Please note: the meaning and implications of the word Desi vary from person to person. APIDA is most commonly used as an adjective, as in APIDA students or the APIDA community.  Other terms and abbreviations have been and are used as a short way of referring to this diverse group, including Asian American Pacific Islander (abbreviated as AAPI). APIDA is often used with the intent to be more explicitly inclusive of South Asians (though not everyone who has South Asian heritage identifies as Desi). However, APIDA is somewhat less commonly used. Example: The reading list included many books by APIDA authors.

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