Becca is an amazing person who can be crazy yet so attractive, who has a wonderful and cute personality, she always wants you to be happy and is always out there to put other before herself, she always puts on a smile even when she’s going through a terrible time herself, she’s always happy and positive to everyone around her, and always includes everyone in everything she does, she always has people wanting to spend time with her and just doesn’t have enough time to spend with everyone she loves. She’s an all around beautiful young lady who has beautiful eyes you can get lost in, she’s the best type of girlfriend and also an amazing bestfriend, she’s the best person to kiss and just have fun with, she’ll always be there to have fun with you no matter what you do, she’ll always be there and will never let you down, she’s the best lover who isn’t afraid of anything and always puts on a brave smile for her significant other, she is always smiling and always making everyone around her feel special, she’s an all around amazing young woman, if you have a Becca in life then don’t lose her bc that will be the biggest mistake you ever make

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