An exclusionist is someone who believes that asexual and aromantic people are not LGBT, particularly if they are cis and heteroromantic/heterosexual. Many of these people also have similar opinions on hetero-leaning bisexuals and pansexuals, believing they are excluded if they date the opposite sex, and choose to gatekeep LGBT+ despite the the vast majority of the community acknowledging these sexualities.LGBTQIA is a community of acceptance for those who experience discrimination, systematic oppression, and negative public perception based on their sexuality or gender identity, which asexuals and aromantics also experience. Exclusionists choose to overlook the frequent instances of asexual people being sexually assaulted in order to "cure" their lack of sexual feeling, being told that something is physically wrong with them, being judged for avoiding sex and relationships, and being told by others that their sexuality (or lack thereof) doesn't exist.

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