Facepunch studios

A popular garrysmod forum. It is lead by Garry Newman, or "garry" as most people call him. Garry is most known for banning people as well as all the other power mad Nazi's, or "moderators" as they like to be called (postal being the angriest of all). They usually ban for total bull crap reasons, such as posting in a "ban me" forum, or saying s phrase such as "stick it in her pooper". The forum is divided into 3 sections: facepunch studios, Garrys mod, and facewound (as well as the OIFY, a hidden sectioon). Facepunch are the sections relating to the facepunch forums in general, such as news and fast threads. the garrys mod section is the section relating to garrys mod and new mods/add ons. Facewound is a section relating to an upcoming 2d side scrolling shooter. The last section, the OIFY is a hidden section only accissible by it's URL. To view it you must have an account and be logged in. The OIFY is a non-moderated forum where anything goes, like a zoo uncontrolled by communist dictators and scary Nazi's with mental issues. The forums are also home to many cliché's such as "SHOOP DA WHOOP" and "it's a machiene code"

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