A g-pack is a street-ready package of drugs ( coke,heroin, or crack) worth $1000. Street ready: the drug is already cut and vialed up or bagged up already. Streetready: the drug is ready to be served to the fiends, junkies, and crack whores on the corners by drug dealers. A G Pack is always street ready, so when it comes time to re-up they ask for a g pack, and get back to serving the crackheads immediatly after because its already cut/diluted and in vials/gelcaps/capsules or in plastic sandwich bags/ small plastic bags or bottled in the capsules already. You cant get a kilo of coke and just start selling it: You have to cut it so people dont overdose, bag it up or vial bottle up in the gelcaps or capsules/pills it up for easy access. Then it's street ready!! Wholesale G-Packs are worth about $400-$500, but thats wholesale. Retail G-Packs are worth $1000. Thats why they are called g packs. The "G" stands for 'Grand' which a Grand is $1000. The "Pack" stands for 'Package' but it's "Pack" for short. So add that all up and you get "G Pack". G-Packs are common among corner dealers, because that is their re-up. So for all you businessmen and moneymakers and hustlers reading this here is what you do: Grab a g-pack wholesale for maybe $400 from a wholesaler, take that shit to the street corners and sell it off, and make some money!!! (On The Phone) SO it goes like this: "Buy it wholesale, and sell it retail" made famous by Young Jeeezy "Imma Do Me" song. Thats the main idea of getting a G-pack. Buy them wholesale, Sell them retail.

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