GILF rules

The GILF is a very sought after term.
A man to bed one will be KING of his group, and gloating rights will be established once validated.
These are the rules that are commonly followed when determining GILF.

1. Has to have a daughter that has a child already. Can be allowed to be less than one month from popping. But that is determined by the group.

2. Has to be of reasonable age. 45 is the start of the safe zone. This sounds stupid but I have known women to try and pass theselves off as GILF. Scrutiny is needed for 45>.

3. Photo is proof. When bedding a GILF you need to take an image using whatever methods are available, and there needs to be in the background or foreground some sort of identifiable object, that being a landmark or certain posters and so on, to be able to validate the bedding. Your location needs to match with the image, this is of utmost importance.

4. Phone number. Can be used as a substandard of proof. But you must be honest with the story. We can always call her and find out the real story.

5. Looks are important. No reward is paid out for any grandmother that is ugly and or fat. Alcohol is no defence. If you bed an ugly fat old chick, you will be humiliated in any and many ways possible, because that's your own fault.

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