A beautiful, intelligent, kind-hearted, sassy, sweet, funny, independent, and stubborn person If you are ever fortunate to encounter a Haven you should hold on to them tight because they bring with them a once in a lifetime kind of friendship They have one of the kindest hearts you will encounter and will always be there when you need someone to lean on They take care of You when you need help and will never leave you when you need them the most They live a life for Christ showing it in everything they do, and hold Jesus in their heart They are the true embodiment of a kind, caring, trusting, and good person Their smile chases out the darkness faster than light She keeps too much too herself and wishes to let others know but doesn’t know how If you have a Haven in your life let them know you will be there for them She is a strong and determined individual, who will always fight for what she wants Haven will speak her mind and won’t hold back what needs to be said She always knows just what to say to light you up when you’re down
She lives her life for others and not for herself She is as selfless as someone could ever be Haven is some you aspire to be She is the friend you have always wished She is everything and deserves eveything Haven may at times think she is alone when in reality she has an army behind her just waiting for a chance to help her fight Everyone who knows somebody by the name Haven has been given a blessing by God, for Haven is an ANGEl ON EARTH!

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