Hey Arnold

A pretty alright show that used to be broadcasted on Nickelodeon. The main character was named Arnold, a kid who wore a kilt and whose head was shaped like a football. His best friend was named Gerald. Gerald had hair much like Marge Simpson from The Simpsons. There's a girl named Helga, who is a terrible, ugly girl with a unibrow and was in love with Arnold, but treated him like shit. The series had many, weird-ass people that seemed to be pariahs from society. One guy is Pigeonman, an old-timer who had sex with birds. He was eventually carried away by his pigeons to a far-off land. There was Stoopboy, a scumbag who was afraid to leave his stoop for whatever reason. He finally had the balls to leave his stoop.

Arnold's house would be stuffed with animals that would run outside everytime he opened the door. Animals included a cat, a dog, a pig, and more. There were also many Jews in his household.

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