Some people think ICANs are very bossy, maarte, and rich. They find them very malandi and very slutty. But the truth is, ICANs are naturally kind. They know what to do in tough situations, and they know how to work things out. They might always shop at Rockwell or Shang or Prome, but it's not their fault they like the shops in those malls. They also go to Ash Creek, some place near their school with the Xavierians. I may not be an ICAN, but Sometimes their behavior is inappropriate there, but that's not what you think- they're really smart, and they prioritize many things. Multi-taskers. Even if you see them with their boyfriend, or just guy friends, does not mean they are sluts, bitches, or whores. They just like the guy, what's the big deal, right? Young age?... doesn't a lot of people have boyfriends at a young age? Think.

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