It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

One of the funniest shows on TV, airs on FX.

It's about 4 people that own an unsuccessful bar (Paddy's Pub) in South Philly. Each episode has a different theme, and covers many controversial topics including: abortion, gun control, physical disabilities, racism, sexism, religion, the Israeli/Palestinian situation, terrorism, transsexuality, slavery, incest, sexual harassment in education, the homeless, statutory rape, drug addiction, pedophilia, nuclear proliferation in North Korea, child abuse, mental illness, gay rights, bulimia, prostitution, cannibalism and Nazism. - and that's why I like it

Dennis: Dee's brother, funny, only thinks of himself, always trying to prove people wrong, thinks he's gods gift to women, always cutting corners, completely self centered, drinks a lot, and is always impressing Charlie

Charlie: retarded, school dropout, drinks a lot, makes a lot of funny puns, likes to play different characters, is highly influenced, lives in a dump and eats cat food to fall asleep, always wears his piss drenched pj's, and is known as the infamous 'Green Man'

Sweet Dee: Dennis' sister, trying to fit in, hates her life, always comes in last - always prone to sexism, tries to get guys but can't because of the crowd she hangs with.

Mac: thinks he's a badass and can be a bouncer - like Swayze in roadhouse, quick witted, always calling everyone bitches, always failing

Frank: the dad of Dennis and Sweet Dee, played by Danny DeVito, usually the brains of the operation, used to be a millionaire until he gave it all up to live with Charlie, always carries a gun around.

The cast doesn't care about anyone else, innocent bystanders are always getting hurt, which in the end they really don't benefit from anything except getting fired, arrested, injured, or injuring random people.

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