Italian man

An Italian man is one who is at the epidemic of sex. He has a tanned hairy body, and sexy facial features. He gets your trust and then takes you home; he licks your pussy a bit and then massages your breasts, at which point he strips his clothing, revealing his hairy body and 6 pack. He talks to you in Italian and unzips his pants. He is a real man because he doesn’t care about your pain, only pleasure. He rams into you with so much force. With his 8 inch cock the Italian man rips you in pieces as he fucks your cunt up the wall. He shakes your pussy so hard that you drip your nectar on his thick shaft and hairy manly balls. He holds you up with his muscles and fucks you hard in the ass. He pulls out and fucks your tits. Finally he takes his huge Italian sausage in his hand and violently jacks it all over your face and hair, then rubs and hits it on your face and makes you lick him clean. He showers up first, gets dressed, eats some food, then has about 30 more thrusts at your vagina before leaving you on the kitchen floor without a goodbye.

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