A regift. A relatively trivial object that has repeatedly been given as a present. Strictly, a mathom is probably NOT an object with a tendency to decay (i.e. fruitcake), nor an object of obviously poor construction (i.e. a crooked handmade sweater or junk), nor a family heirloom or a useful "hand-me-down" article (i.e. toddler clothing), nor one which requires expensive upkeep (i.e. a large, exotic pet -- a proveribial white elephant).
Such objects most likely persist because they are slightly too valuable or unusual to dispose of outright or give to Goodwill, yet have such limited use or appeal that few wish to retain them. Modern-day candidates for mathomhood are commonly visible in catalogs for novelty electronics, pop art, junk jewelry, and sports memorabilia, as well as in roadside "local" gift stores.

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