A tall, beautiful person who has a brain to learn from and a body to kill for! She's hot in all aspects, not just for looks, but also her attitude towards things. This girls got eyes to make you freeze on point and lips that'll make you swoon for days. If you need advise on guys or love life, go to her, she's got the answer. Not sure what to wear for picture day? She's the girl to ask. With her sexy, badass style and friendly aura, she turns all the heads in the room. Maxine is an artsy girl with a eye for colour and an imagination out of this world. She's got an ass to die for and an attitude you'd be sure to respect on. Maxine's a girl who you know you can count on, she'll be your best friend to the end and is very loyal to those she loves. Animals will become her best friend in an instant and will want to go home with her rather than stay with their owners. This is a girl you want in your life, so if you've got one, do NOT let her go.

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