1. Those who identify themselves as the pure-blooded Malay and torch-bearers of Islam which ironically, Malay themselves were Hindus before the Arabs came selling their stuff in the local ports.2. Malays who posses a radicalized view of what things should be and how to "behave" like a proper malay (mostly when it comes to religious and social issues) and easily get butthurt whenever someone threatens (or what they perceived as) their views.3. Very loud and contradictive; usually find themselves in dilemma whether to put themselves as a Malay or a Muslim first, there is no in between. (e.g. Judges other Malay that doesn't pray but drinks alcohol)4. Feels threatened(usually because of jealousy and insecurity) by Chinese for their economic prowess and what they usually refer as "Chinese monopolization".5. Hates gays, trans, communists, liberals and more importantly, Jews.Basically the Malay version of rednecks in Murica.

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