Model minority

The term model minority refers to a minority group or a member of such a group stereotypically viewed as being more successful than other such groups or individuals. It is most often applied to Asian Americans. In this context, the word minority is used in the sense of “a racial, ethnic, religious, or social subdivision of a society that is subordinated in political, financial, or social power by the dominant group, without regard to the size of these groups.” The word model implies that the group should be viewed as a standard or ideal example for imitation or comparison by other groups due to supposedly being more successful. The idea behind the term model minority is criticized as a form of stereotyping that also ignores or obscures not only the racism and discrimination that Asian Americans face but also the wide diversity among Asian Americans. It is also criticized for serving to perpetuate white supremacy and create divisions between minority groups. The term model minority myth is used to criticize the idea of the model minority as false (and widespread). Example: The article singles out Asians as a model minority, relying on the same old stereotypes about hard work and family values—as if all Asian American people were exactly the same.

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