A derogatory term used to insult the antithesis of most internet dwellers. Normalfags are typically people who enjoy mainstream things and live typical, ignorant, mundane lives. Some of the most common normalfag traits are ignorance to internet culture and underground media such as less well known music, anime, or video games. Additionally, they often and vehemently reject obscure sub-cultures, fetishes, life styles, and anything they simply do not understand and like. Lastly, normalfags are known to have or desire a normal social life. There are four primary uses for the word. The first is to insult a persons ignorance while simultaneously calling them out on their shallow and banal personality. The second is to insult the pathetic appearance of a person who complains that they want but do not have a normal lifestyle. The third is for the most part a petty stab at a person for having a social life and/or girlfriend. Lastly, the first and third example can overlap if the alleged normalfag is trolling or generally being an ass by flaunting their social life.

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