Opening Day

Opening Day is the first day of the Major League Baseball (MLB) season—the day on which most or all teams in the league play their first game. The name is also used for the first day of the baseball season in other leagues, including minor leagues, professional leagues in other countries, college leagues, and youth leagues. The term can also refer to the day on which a particular team starts its season, as in It’s Opening Day for the Phillies, who will host the Braves. This sense of the term is sometimes uncapitalized. Opening Day is part of US baseball tradition and culture, with many baseball fans associating it with the start of spring and treating it as an unofficial holiday. Similar terms include Opening Series and Opening Night. A team’s first home game is called their home opener (though this term is commonly used in other sports). When is Opening Day? MLB Opening Day 2021 is scheduled for April 1. MLB Opening Day typically happens in late March or early April.

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