The most beautiful, amazing, love-At-first-sight, heartbreaking bitch you will ever know if you come across her. She can find you in a variety of forms, such as oxycodone, codeine, and one of her most potent, heroin. She will ruin everything in your life from your relationships to your own feeling of self worth. But you have to remember that all of this is okay, as long as she finds her way back to you with her warm, comforting embrace. Still, after every high, you are left empty and incomplete, searching for her once again, and you will find her by any means necessary. The morals that once defined you are gone, because nothing can stand between you and this love. But as I said before, this is all made okay by that familiar touch.

Those of you considering a little experimentation with this crazy bitch, tread lightly. She might not come at you the way you expect, she'll just feel really nice, and that's it. But as one thing leads to another, you are eventually left with a choice to be made. Once that choice is made, the life you once lived no longer exists. She is you're entire world, and a life without her is literally unbearable. She is the one true love that you will never get over, as she will find her way into every dull aspect of your life, calling you for her attention. The dance you once had with this devil now becomes a prison, in which even sweet death may never free you from.

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