Stands for Physical Education. Probably one of the worst classes you are forced to take in middle/high school. PE is ran by a bunch of military officials who yell at you if you aren't the most athletic. If you're in the 6th grade reading this, then just at least be sure that it ain't as bad as high school. My friends who go to the high school say that they are forced to play dodgeball with 12th graders throwing balls 2 times faster than the speed of Usain Bolt. Also the PE teachers force you to deal with some 300 pound football players who are fat and ugly whom seem to already lost their virginity with some cheerleaders. In fact when I was in middle school, the cheerleaders would call you "ugly" if you weren't on the football team, and they'd still call you ugly even if you were attractive. Overall, PE should not be a subject as it just gets weaker kids beaten up and makes making all A's almost impossible.

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