A wannabe American Indian. Usually exhibited by white people but blacks do it too. Claims to be 1/4th Native American or a lesser percentage, but usually have no definitive proof of it or of what tribe they're from (unless it's Cherokee of course). If such ancestry exists, they tend to exaggerate the very small amount that they have after generations of their family neglecting this heritage.Most annoying thing about these people is the smugness that they claim this lost heritage with. Upon being told by some senile relative or actually finding proof, they suddenly claim to know EVERYTHING about Native Americans and press for tribal membership while buying ambiguous, commodified Indian-themed jewelry and merchandise like dream-catchers. It's usually the first thing they put on their Myspace biographies, and get miffed when people don't referred to them as Native American or take them seriously as such (but say that they don't want people to "judge them for embracing their ancestral roots"). They also spend their time discrediting other white people who display Indian Princess Syndrome or people who actually have accountable Native ancestry.These people often have no grasp on Native culture and issues, both historical and contemporary. In the end, most people with accountable ancestry don't whore their heritage in order to look "exotic" and interesting.

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