Rage Cage

Drinking game similar to fuck you peter or slap cup. Players bounce ping pong balls into empty cups. If they successfully bounce the ball in on their first try, they can pass their cup to anyone on the table. A successful bounce on any other shot,you must pass immediately to the left. The objective is to bounce your ball into a cup before the player on your left and then stack your cup on top of their cup. Thus, the stack, or cage gets larger and larger. The player stacked on drinks one of many cups from the middle as the game continues. He must drink quickly to avoid getting caught IN THE NADO! The NADO or tornado is the seemingly endless barage if drinking for a single player. The last cup to be drank in the middle is the death cup which usually contains close to a full beer or has shots of hard liquor in it as well. Occasionally, players like to include various fruits in the death cup such as the clementine, which was popularized earlier in January 2014.

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