Red piller

A red piller is someone who believes that women are actually the privileged group instead of men. The argument goes: although women don't inhabit the highest echelons of power, the vast majority of men don't, either. For the most part, women have it better. People hold doors for them. They get less severe sentences (and charged less) in court. A woman can get men to give them free things at a club, whereas, if a man asked for the same from a woman, he'd be told to fuck off. Women have large and efficient support groups while men don't.It's called redpilling because of the scene in "The Matrix" in which Morpheus offers Neo the red pill or blue pill. Only the red pill will show him the uncomfortable truth. Red pillers see themselves as having been awakened to the uncomfortable truth that women have it better than men.Their teachings can be found at the subreddit "theRedPill", which talks about, among other things, how to be a pickup artist and how to beat a woman and get away with it.

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