I have a deep love and respect for Rinaldo. He never fails to put a smile on my face. His animalistic magnetism pulls you towards him and you can't let go. If wealth was measured based upon character traits, Rinaldo would be the richest man alive. Rinaldo is the intergral linchpin who brings laughter, happiness, fulfillment and an elated empiricism whether it's at work, home or in a friendship group. His humble, wise, patient with a hard-boiled head. Rinaldo is uncomfortable in his own skin, a misfit trying top find spiritual solace. His pride won't accept someone else opening the door for him, he'll somehow return the gesture.. His complicated mind is his self-made wisdom whom many don't understand can only be described as a work of Art. He fails to acknowledge his contribution to the world. His loved by all and his smile is capable of making a pregnant women deliver sooner than expected. With regular reassurance and constant affection, Rinaldo can be the perfect brother, friend, boyfriend, husband etc. He loves the outdoors, muscle cars meaningful get togethers with his loved ones and friends.

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