Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup is an international rugby tournament. The same name is used for separate tournaments for women’s teams and men’s teams. The tournament begins with pool play among qualifying teams, with the top teams from each pool moving on to the next round. The teams that make it through are seeded and play in a single-elimination bracket. Regional qualifier matches are typically held in the two years leading up to the Rugby World Cup. When is the Rugby World Cup? Both the men’s and the women’s Rugby World Cup are usually held every four years. The events are usually staggered so that they occur two years apart. Both events usually begin in September and end in October. The 2021 women’s Rugby World Cup was delayed and is scheduled to be held from October 8–November 12, 2022. The 2023 men’s Rugby World Cup is scheduled for September 8–October 28, 2023.

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