Russia is the largest inhabited country in the world, roughly the size of Peyton Manning's forehead. Future home of 45 million Ukrainians. Russia is lead by only the world's greatest leader, Vladimir Putin who is a more sexy Justin Trudeau. All of what Putin says is to be worshiped by the populace of the globe, and those who oppose are to burn in the fires of Chernobyl. Russia is best known for it's communist past, preemptive naval attacks on Ukrainian warships, squatting, Adidas tracksuits, and hockey stars that perform keg stands out of the Stanley Cup. The national animal of Russia is the Vladibear, which can be seen being a stead to Putin as he leads his people as the clear most dominant world leader. Russia's national sport is squatting, and citizens often partake in squatting regularly as an exercise. Squatting is best enjoyed with Vodka, and on top of a bus stop.

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