Scene kids

Typical Scene Chick: -Choppy short hair. -Usually black however blonde and lots of 'strange' colors are used to make themselves look 'unique. -Bandana in hair. -Bows are popular -Heavy make up, usually around the eyes, sparkles are quite common. -Fake moles have been spotted. -Tries to pull of Vintage look -Usually really hot. But, we haven't seen them with out make up so this is questionable. -Dates only scene boys. Typical Scene Boy: -Long bangs usually covering eyes. -Usually, black or different colors such as orange, red, blue, purple ect. -Make up, usually centered around the eyes. Eye shadow, black usually pink or purple. -Tight pants, extremely tight band shirt. Sometimes a too tight jacket. -Usually DAMN sexy, however they do tend to be full of themselves and unfriendly to anyone they deem unworthy or not in the scene. -Dates scene chicks. However may branch out to preps. Both sexes: -Myspace. -Over 100 friends. -Girl pants. -Thinks they're not conformist. -May or may not be straight edge -Vegan Scene kids usually go to local shows have extremly tight groups. They may be there for the music but usually they are there for the social time. Scene kids are usually very picky about who they talk to and associate with. If they deem you cool they may go up to you and talk to you and act as if they've known you for years.

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