Take a break

Taking a break is generally a term used for couples to separate themselves with each other for a certain period(according to their agreement), both parties must consent before agreeing to ‘take a break’Types: 1. Couples who are busy with their schedule such as outstation, living abroad or taking an exam.-Couple in this type maybe busy and cannot fully commit to their relationship. This action is taken to allow them to be more focused and avoiding chances to be distracted with their work.2. Couples who are unsure of their feelings.-some couples may need time apart so they can experiment the love strength towards their partners. Whether, they will miss each other or to feel emptiness without their other half. In some situation, both of them may also date another person if both agrees.3. Couples who need time alone to figure their problems.-Some couples get into an arguement and feels the need to take time alone for them to allow each other to reflect and come back wiser and stronger.3. When a person abuse the word ‘taking a break’ as a step before actually breaking up.

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