Tala is the most beautiful human

She is a boy magnet

Everybody wants her she don’t show that off but she’s wanted by every single guy she meets

One of the smartest person you’ll ever meet but also the funniest person you could ever hang out with

She’s adorable, She’s sexy and cute at the same time, also outgoing and shy

She’s the cutest and the sexiest, the shyest and the craziest,

hilarious and so attractive

A perfect natural beauty that inspires everyone
She’s charming and always nice to everybody, her heart is gold, she’s sweet, caring, artistic And incredibly talented but she hides everything she does

She can change your whole life

She knows how to dress and when she walks into a room people notice her, they all look at that beauty with a golden personality

Tala has huge lips that can make every boy melt by looking at them
Her smile can bring peace to the world

She’s so gorgeous

She’s independent but has a Way too many friends

She hate the attention but always have it all on herself without wanting to
She’s irresistible boys are always around her without her asking for it
They all wants to spend the rest of their life with her

She has the biggest heart and love to give, super sensitive but know how to defend herself

An amazing listener, she’ll always be there if you need help and even if you have done her wrong she will never stop caring

If you don’t think she has everything that I just mentioned, you basically don’t know her that well

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