The Biles

The Biles is the name of three separate gymnastics moves named after US gymnast Simone Biles, who is widely regarded as the greatest gymnast of all time. Another move named the Biles II is also named after Biles. The moves—in vault, balance beam, and floor exercise—are named after Biles according to the gymnastics tradition of naming a move after the first gymnast to successfully perform it in competition. In the vault competition, the Biles is what is known as a Yurchenko half on with two twists. In the balance beam competition, the Biles is a double-double dismount (two somersaults and two twists in the air). In the floor exercise competition, the Biles is a double layout half out, and the Biles II is a triple-double (two somersaults and three twists (!)). As of July 2021, Biles is the most accomplished gymnast in history with five Olympic medals (four gold and one bronze), 14 world medals (the most of any gymnast), and 10 world championships (the most of any female gymnast). Many consider Biles to be the GOAT (greatest of all time) in gymnastics as well as one of the greatest and most dominant athletes in history. Example: Those in the crowd tonight were able to witness greatness in the form of Simone Biles performing—for the first time—the move that will now be known as the Biles.

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