The proof is in the pudding

The proof is in the pudding is an expression that means the value, quality, or truth of something must be judged based on direct experience with it—or on its results. The expression is an alteration of an older saying that makes the meaning a bit clearer: the proof of the pudding is in the eating. In other words, things must be judged by trying them yourself or seeing them in action, rather than on other factors, such as hearsay. Another variation of the term is the proof of the pudding, which refers to the results themselves, direct experience with something, or the testing of something to judge its value or truth. In these sayings, the word proof was originally used in the sense of a test of something—such as a test of quality, worth, truth, etc. However, it is now often interpreted as meaning the same thing as evidence. These expressions are applied to a wide variety of scenarios. They’re often used in the context of offering evidence for a particular argument—or noting that a judgment can’t be made until the final result. Example: Is she the best of all time? The proof is in the pudding—and I think her accomplishments speak for themselves.

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