Trina is a golden girl with a golden heart. She is very beautiful and her mesmerizing smile and adorable behavior makes her the perfect girl , every man dreams of. She is jovial, always laughing and smiling, center of attraction of every gathering. Her name brings a smile on every one's face. She is innocent ,honest, silly, clumsy and sometimes gullible. She has a perfect body, beautiful skin and curly hair. She is smart , intelligent and a geek with a big specs. She is very friendly , non judgmental and have a very big heart. She talks a lot when she is happy. Most of the time she is happy and cheerful. She friendzone's almost anyone and everyone . She carries herself with grace and looks equally gorgeous in each of the outfit she wears. I just love her so much .. her talks , her hands which are insanely small. Every guy dream about a girl like her, alas she is taken. Her sharp features , inquisitive eyes and innocence steals the heart. Lucky is the guy who have her. Trina means beauty, both inner and outer.

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