Uma Kompton

Uma Kompton is the popular inbred coconut head looking ass Instagram 'celebrity'.Her username is @umakomptonShe posts badly photoshopped videos/pics of her daily life which includes her incestuous relationship, her 47 abortions, her failed abortions(kids) & how shes a good christian mum dad lesbian homeless trans apache apple dog that strips for Jesus.Oh & even though shes sexy shes fit she loves sucking dick Uma Kompton is actually a fake made up person... The person running the Instagram account is a American troll who is stealing a russian ladys photos from somewhere & uploading them with embarrassing captions to Instagram for likes & followers. So guys... The women in the pics is actually a Russian who probably has no clue that her photos are being used for memes & to catfish. This is likely illegal but lets hope the Russian women wont sue because its all fucking hilarious.

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