Unfortunate Acronym

An unfortunate Acronym is an acronym for an organisation or person that results in a word that is rude, disgusting or totally inappropriate. A typical example would be the Country and Urban Nature Trail Society which was intended to promote pleasant nature walks in both the town and countryside. It never got off the ground because the acronym was CUNTS. Another British example is Radical Alternatives to Prison, a bunch of bleeding hearts who want to abolish prisons. They were originally going to be called Completely Radical Alternatives to Prison – CRAP, but decided against this, perhaps it was too close to the truth about their ideas.
One unfortunate acronym which is still currently used is TWAT which stands for The War Against Terrorism, while from the United States comes FLOTUS which identifies the President’s wife and stands for First Lady Of The United States. It’s an unfortunate acronym in that it sounds as if it is something unpleasant lurking in a toilet bowl. I suppose they could try removing some of the unimportant letters, but FLOUS and FLUS don’t sound much better.

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