Wendy is a very special human being. She is the most caring woman you will ever meet and can nuture like no other. She makes an amazing mother and will raise the most beautiful successful children no matter what the struggles may be. She is close with mother nagure and the earth so this is where she gets her caring nature from. She is stubborn and does not let her emotions show but on the inside she is soft and sweet. She often attracts people who are damaged because she can help guide them, but she has trouble letting go when things get toxic because she has a bleeding heart. She often thinks others think she is weird but little does she understand that others do not have the deep creative mind that she does so they may not catch on as quickly. If you have a wendy in your life treat her like a Queen. Shes been hurt so many times and all she needs and deserves is the love she gives to others. If u are a Wendy ready this, breath... everything is going to end up ok I promise.She is more special than the sun in the morning and rarer than water in the desert so love her and be loyal or you may loose a one in a million person. A creative, gorgeous, loving, one of a kind weirdo who will love you to the moon and back if you treat her right.

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