White boy summer

White boy summer is a phrase created and used on clothing merchandise by Chet Hanks, who is an actor and rapper and the son of actor Tom Hanks. In social media posts, Hanks noted that he was not referring to “Trump, NASCAR type white,” but men like himself and white musicians Jon B. and Jack Harlow. He later tied the phrase to a particular style reflected by his clothing merchandise, which also featured the phrase Black Queen Summer. According to Hanks, white boy summer means "nothing but good vibes towards everybody." The term was seemingly modeled on the phrase hot girl summer, which became the subject of popular social media posts and memes during the summer of 2019 after it was popularized by rapper Meghan Thee Stallion. White boy summer quickly became the focus of memes and jokes mocking the phrase and concept. Hanks was also criticized for releasing T-shirts and other clothes featuring the phrase written in a Gothic typeface resembling the kind sometimes used by white supremacist groups. Note: In the midst of the online attention generated by the phrase (and just days after Hanks first used it in an Instagram post), it was reported that Hanks had allegedly been in a violent altercation with former girlfriend Kiana Parker, part of which was captured on video showing Hanks bleeding from the head. Parker was granted a protective order against Hanks in January 2021 and stated in court documents that Hanks had physically and verbally abused her. Hanks alleged that Parker had attacked him during the same incident and sought legal action against Parker for it.

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