Whitney wisconsin

Amy Lew, most commonly known as Whitney Wisconsin, is a girl that loves having sex with dogs, and highly recommends it to other girls. She is compelled to show the internet the disgusting things she enjoys doing to animals, and puts pics and videos on Tumblr and Youtube. Whitney has uploaded quite a few videos talking about why girls should fuck dogs, and has plenty of videos of herself doing just that. One of her most controversial videos is of her fingering herself in a Walmart, then going around the store and asking customers what her fingers smell like.

She "fell in love" with leafyishere, and to show her love for him, she eats a cricket. DramaAlert (keemstar), another Youtuber, brings them both onto a live radio show, and she begs leafy to tell her how much he loves her. He does, only after she promises to stop doing weird shit to animals. Afterward, she strengthens their relationship by roasting him about how he's using her for popularity, to which he responds by fucking destroying her.

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