Woke millennials

Woke millennials is a term used for the generation of people born at the beginning of the year 2000.
They consider they are superior to any other generation - ie: the war generation, the baby-boomer generation, the generation x - y-or z generation, or any other generation.

They sit at their jobs doing as little as possible, with no real brain power, no original thought process of their own, play video-games constantly whenever they can, moan about politicians whenever they can, without offering anything else, hate everybody a little older or a lot older than themselves, and in complete honesty, they are a complete and total waste of time. They have nothing inside to get them going apart from the ability to be sheep and follow us all into the future abyss of nothing. And they are the sad & useless generation that has been left the task of taking this planet and world forward, heaven help us all.
They are not woke millennials at all. In fact they are a generation of total losers, as dumb as the next, and without any ability to be nothing but dumb-assed sheep.
Dumb millennials is their correct name.

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